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kzooicms's Journal

Heading to 'Zoo 42!

International Congress on Medieval Studies
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This is a community for anyone planning to attend The International Congress on Medieval Studies, or anyone who has previously attended and would like to share their experiences/sage advice/stern warnings!

Suitable topics:
- Getting to know you posts with the aim of finding likeminded friends.
- Questions about practicalities, e.g. flights/accommodation/must-dos.
- Sharing of previous experiences about Kalamazoo.
- Requests for help - e.g. finding someone to share car hire from Chicago to Kalamazoo;
- General squeeing and sharing of Kalamazoo love.

Unsuitable topics:
- Pimping of your paper. It's just not classy. Of course, if someone asks you if you're speaking, it would be rude NOT to tell them... ;)
- Likewise, gratuitous pimping of goods/services. It's fine to say "I'm a bookseller and I'll have a stall at the conference; for further details contact ___." It's not fine to splash ads all over the place with flashy graphics and annoying sales speak.
- General medieval questions. I suggest you go over to medievalstudies.
- No trashing of individuals. If you went to a really bad session last year and want to provide it as a "how NOT to do it" piece of advice for speakers, fine. But name no names!

Have fun!