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International Congress on Medieval Studies
Heading to 'Zoo 42!
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24th-Mar-2010 06:33 pm - offering ride from Kzoo to DC
me as a pony
Dear fellow medievalists,

I'll be driving back from Kzoo to the DC area on Sunday and would be glad to offer a ride in exchange for some help with driving and maybe some help paying for gas. Let me know if you're interested. I am a fairly safe driver and don't smoke.
29th-Apr-2008 11:02 am - nearly time!
So, Zoo 43 is nearly upon us - is everyone prepared? Anyone got any exciting travel plans?
...will be a rebuttal/further research-type paper that proves the Pearl-Poet is alive and well in the guise of Cate Blanchett Bob Dylan?

(Hi, everybody. Sorry for the silliness. Going again this year, and I see that most of you are, too. I should probably just go and scope out what the Pseudo Soc papers REALLY are - but, you know, a girl can dream...)
2nd-Feb-2008 03:08 am(no subject)
Registration is open for Kalamazoo 43, so I thought it was a good time to revive the community! So, who's going this year? :)
9th-May-2007 11:05 pm - Let the medieval madness begin!
I suppose we're all at the 'Zoo now, or soon will be.  Good luck to the presenters in the community, and everyone else:  have fun! 

Does anyone have any fun travel stories?  My university's rented minivan actually ran out of gas on the side of the road during our 12-hour drive, but luckily the gas station we were aiming for was within sight. 
30th-Apr-2007 10:31 pm(no subject)
So, only a week until Zoo!

Paper: written
Flights: booked
Travel insurance: bought
Panel members whose session I'm chairing: emailed

To do:
- create and print up handouts for paper
- buy dollars for at the conference and for shopping in Chicago post-conference ;)
- book train tickets to airport

How are your arrangements coming along? :)
7th-Feb-2007 06:35 pm(no subject)
I just booked my Kalamazoo plane tickets! Well, Chicago plane tickets. I'm then going to get Amtrak there, or else get a lift, which is a possibility at this point. After the conference I'm spending a couple of days in Chicago, because I have never been there and I'd rather see a bit of it besides O'Hare!

For any Brits here - try ebookers.co.uk. I got a really good deal there today. I think I must have viewed about 10 different flight portal sites, combing them over for cheap flights. I'm lucky in that I will probably get most of the flight money back (touch wood), but only up to a certain price, so I was pleased to find something that matched that.

I've also paid for my registration, so my account currently has a big hole in it, but that means that now I can pretty much relax for a couple of months until I need to do things like buy insurance. Oh yeah... And write my paper. ;)

Also, finding out that a few of my friends will be on the same flight as me, I suggested, tongue in cheek, that we get some t-shirts. What would be a good slogan for a Kalamazoo t-shirt, do you think? Love to hear your ideas - the sillier the better.
6th-Feb-2007 11:30 pm(no subject)
Hi there!

Welcome to the community. I thought I would set it up to tap into the great number of Kalamazoo attendees I know are on Livejournal in order to make some connections and gain some useful info! I hope you'll find this a helpful resource.

Please check the userinfo before you post to the community to ascertain if your post is suitable!

About me: I'm Rachel (I know, it comes as a shock) and I'm a PhD student from the UK. Kalamazoo 42 will be my first International Congress on Medieval Studies! I am giving a paper and chairing a session, and am very excited to be taking part. Looking forward to chatting to you all!
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